Vision A Pictou County that is demographically balanced and economically sustainable, viewed by all as vibrant and filled with opportunity, shaped in part by the talent and energy of our members. 

Purpose To attract and retain a growing population of young working age people in Pictou County, by making the area a more engaging place for young people to live and contribute. 

Mission To develop a network of like-minded, young, working age people in Pictou County, who actively contribute to the future success of our county, through social, professional, athletic and community initiatives.

The Team

The Pulse Leadership Team is made up of people from a wide background and who are all interested in advancing Pictou County

​We are a network founded by young, working age people in our area, making our county a more engaging place for us to live and contribute.  

we are focused on building a community for our demographic through social, volunteer, athletic, and professional development initiatives. 

We are proud to call Pictou County home.  We strive to be the pulse pictou county.


Pulse's I Heart PC Tee

In an effort to promote positivity in the county Pulse launched the I Heart Pictou County tee shirt's in 2014. They are available for purchase